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Exploring the Impact of Zero Based Budgeting


Many growth oriented businesses can often be outstripped by the costs associated with increased revenue.

We're seeking to understand how new approaches in Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB) can improve cost management across the organization and drive growth. In additional, we want to explore how Post-ZBB savings should be allocated to drive further growth.

We are assembling a high-caliber panel of 15 experts in this space to discuss the trends, examples, best practices, and recommendations in the industry over a 4-day, online "Design Sprint".

This is a unique opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, learn from your peers, and gain recognition for advancing innovation. You will also receive a $300 honorarium.

Project Objectives:
- Better understand the needs of the market.
- Explore and map the current landscape.
- Identify future directions.
- Determine a recommended path.


help{"screening_questions":[{"name":"main_question","label":"Given the focus of this engagement, why do you think you’re uniquely positioned to provide valuable input? Please be specific about your relevant expertise. \r
Panelists are selected by the sponsor of the engagement based on your bio and your answer here.","type":"textarea"}]}



Log in at least once a day, when convenient to you, to answer the daily question posted by the facilitator over the 4-day engagement. This may include open-ended questions, simple surveys and responding to peers.


- Learn about new developments and trends in your area of expertise
- Connect with other high-caliber peers and expand your network
- Enhance your reputation as a leading thinker on topics of passion and expertise
- Earn $300 paid immediately after the engagement


Seeking Expert Participation

Top panel from the Fortune 2000 (across industries):
- CFOs & VP Finance
- COOs
- Strategic Executives


Yvonne Newlands

Senior Manager

Top Applicants

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Make sure you are logged in, copy the link, share it with potential panelists (that are not already Currnt users), if they are
selected and participate, you earn $100 (400 Currntcy). It's that simple.