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The Tech, Climate and Urban Trends that will Transform Cities of the Future


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Ali Shirvani-Mahdavi, Ph.D.

EVP of Strategy and Programs at Novu LLC

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Log in at least once a week or as inspired, at your own convenience to answer the current theme questions posed by the facilitator. This may include responding to peers, nominating trends, and reacting to the latest media on the topic.

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While external forces such as climate and public health risks impact the way we live, advances in urban design and planning are shaping our cities to mitigate these elements.

We're assembling a cross-disciplinary Advisory Board of 15-20 entomologists to explore ways in which these professions are thinking and preparing for the future - specifically in Asia and China.
We also plan to identify promising urban innovations and examples that have the potential reduce the impact of outside elements.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from a diverse group of peers, demonstrate your knowledge, and gain recognition for advancing innovation -- in addition to receiving an honorarium.

Participation is done 100% online and at your convenience.

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- Entomologists and other bugs experts

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