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Bringing Innovation into Company Workflow


With new data sources, analytics methods and technologies, the pace of change is increasing faster than ever before. In order to keep up, how can companies bring innovation out of program offices and into everyday workflow?

In this exclusive online advisory board of 15-20 thought leaders, you'll have the unique opportunity to gain and share insights on how organizations can adopt new methods and technologies to become more innovative.

All participation is online and at your convenience. You are only committing to participate at least once a week (or as inspired) at your convenience.

You'll explore questions like these:

- How will organizations learn to adapt faster to new technologies and new models of work?
- What needs to be true about future solutions such that innovation is moved out of the program office and into the workflow of business?

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helpGiven the focus of this panel, why do you think you are uniquely positioned to provide valuable input? Please be specific about your relevant expertise and the perspective that you represent.



Advisory board members log in at least once a week, or as inspired, for as little as 15 minutes to contribute commentary and engage with peers.


- Learn about new developments and trends that advance your thought leadership
- Connect with other high-caliber peers and expand your network
- Enhance your reputation as a leading thinker on topics of passion and expertise
- Receive an honorarium $50 per month as an ongoing member


Seeking Expert Participation

- Market Researchers
- Heads of Strategic Planning
- Consultants
- Information services leaders
- Heads of data analytics
- Organizational change and effectiveness leaders
- Directors of Innovation teams


Thomas O'Malley

CEO of Convetit

Top Applicants

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